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Gooseworks is a company that provides complete goose control services for commercial properties. We use only humane, environmentally friendly methods of control sanctioned by the Michigan DNR. Techniques employed include hazing through the use of highly trained Border Collies, low perimeter fencing around bodies of water, Mylar balloons, noisemakers and other scare tactics, along with landscape and habitat modification consulting services.

Our professional services include:

  • Site inspections and consultations

  • Daily canine patrols

  • Egg Replacement

  • Nuisance Goose Removal

  • Goose roundup and removal

  • Border Collie training

  • Handler training and consultation

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Increase grounds beautification

  • Reduce equipment maintenance and labor costs

  • Improve grounds/course condition by maintaining consistent mower blade heights

  • Reduce corporate and customer liability

The use of Border Collies and skilled handlers are most effective in controlling geese because they are perceived as a natural predator. However, experience has shown that the best results will be obtained by using a combination of several different control methods.

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