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Welcome to Gooseworks, LLC

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Do you live in a community or own a business where nuisance Canada geese have moved in and taken over? Have your sidewalks, parking lots and lawns become covered in goose droppings? Are you concerned about geese attacking you, your family, employees or customers? If so, Gooseworks is your solution to reclaiming your property and improving your ground beautification. Call us at (810) 599-5315!

The once nearly extinct Canada goose population has exploded over the last 30 years. This increase in birds present some health and beatification concerns to many municipalities and businesses.


When Canada geese begin their annual migration, as an urban property manager, your options are limited to legal harassment measures.  The use of trained border collies is an approved method of control by the USDA and Michigan DNR.  Trained dogs and their handlers are brought onto a property several times a week, in an effort to convince the birds to set up residence elsewhere.  The dogs can be used year-round, as your needs dictate, and are very effective when paired with the population control programs of Nest Removal, and Goose Round-up and Relocation.


Gooseworks, LLC works with municipalities and commercial/residential businesses all over the State of Michigan.  Read what the Canton Focus is saying about Gooseworks (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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